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Pressure Washing

In today’s real estate market, that first impression can make or break the sale of your home. Most of all, pressure washing services are important to real estate agents for maximizing the appeal of properties on the market. Pressure washing can make any property look new and fresh! Clean sidewalks, patios, exterior walls, decks, and eaves are all important in creating a well-cared for home. Don’t overlook this important step when preparing your home for sale. Even if you aren’t selling your home, you want it to look its best. Cleaning the exterior is also very good maintenance. Either your selling or staying the value of your home is best preserved by regular cleaning.

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Pressure washing is great for roof cleaning too!

Pressure washing is an affordable way to quickly enhance the appearance  your home or business. Due to moisture you may have green algae or black mold on your roof ,concrete, stucco,flagstone, brick walkway,or deck surfaces, then it’s time to have them pressure washed. In addition if  your home is having  buildups of cobwebs under the eaves then  it’s time to pressure wash.Finally, if you have had a car leave oil on driveways we may be able to remove most of the stains.

Contact us first for a free estimate for all of your window cleaning or washing needs. Awning cleaning and restoration are first class, professional, and lasting. Sunshine Windows is your premier window cleaning and pressure washing service in most of Orange County.

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Sunshine Window Services have been upgrading to greater efficiency by utilizing the newest technology for water saving due to the drought. Zero degree spinning pencil jet leaves no marks. We use Kevlar non-marking hose.